The Ripples of ASCAP EXPO 2018

This year I went to ASCAP EXPO 2018 in Hollywood, CA at the Loews Hollywood Hotel. Not only was this this first time I had gone to one of these events, but it was my first experience flying out of Minnesota by myself. It was exciting being there just by myself, room was fabulous, weather was absolutely amazing! It was definitely a time of firsts for me. The first time having my music listened to a Music Supervisor, which are the people who get the music placed in Film and TV. It definitely a nerve-wracking experience, but I recommend every songwriter, composer, and producer to go to the ASCAP EXPO. I gained valuable information from composers and producers who are making it in the business. But the experience did not stop at ASCAP.

Pretty much I left changed as a changed person. No longer could I just wear the music composer hat. I realized that I had to equally wear the Songwriter hat and the Producer hat as well, which makes so much sense! Like, for a composer, you are producing music! You are a Producer! If you are wanting to be in the Film Industry, you are often in front of a computer working on a DAW(Digital Audio Workstation) and you are either recording into the tracks or you are using virtual instruments and synthesizers. Hence, you are a Producer! For the composer wanting to write musicals, you are a Songwriter! You cannot write musicals without some idea of song form. Hence, you are a Songwriter, regardless if you write the lyrics or not!

The moral of the story is: let's not limit ourselves to wearing just one hat. Let's wear different hats! 

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