Breaking Out On My Own

This year I have made huge steps towards my dreams to make it as a composer in the music business. I went to the ASCAP EXPO this year and got to meet some big namers in the business. I learned a lot about the function of a music supervisor and even met with one too at the EXPO. The overall result of the trip was that I was armed with confidence and knowledge that my skill set could land me a job in the business. 

After the result of that trip, I felt confident to leave my job which I was at for over a couple of years. I was a sales person at Schmitt Music and was really successful at music sales, specifically as one who sold intermediate and professional band instruments. It was not an easy thing leaving behind people who I grew close to at this job, but everything inside me screamed "Its either now or never." I chose "now." I did end up putting in my resignation with the manager and had left friends and the income that came with that job behind. 

To date, I have gained much more musically since leaving that company. I have written music for three Indie video games in Game Jam settings to date(with one in continued development). The amount of music that I have written since leaving that company has skyrocketed. I'm learning a lot about the video game industry and about the essential skills that you need in order to secure a job as a composer or sound designer. I even gained certification in a game audio middleware called Wwise.

Suffice to say, so far I have gained a lot since leaving that company and expect to gain much more in the days to come. Stay tuned! A=440Hz

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